Giant Trex Skill Dig Kit 7Y+

Giant Trex Skill Dig Kit 7Y+

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Embark on an exciting archaeological adventure and uncover the hidden parts of a T-rex skull with the "T-Rex Giant Skull" dig kit.
• Experience the thrill of excavating like a real paleontologist with a hammer and chisel, revealing the ancient wonders of the Jurassic period.
• Piece by piece, reconstruct the mighty jaws, formidable teeth, and intricate cranial features of the T-rex skull and bring this ancient predator back to life.
• Captivate young minds and inspire curiosity about dinosaurs with a hands-on, educational, and incredibly fun scientific activity.
• Compact and manageable box size of 8.3" x 9.9" x 2.6" makes it perfect for aspiring archaeologists of all ages and an excellent gift for dinosaur enthusiasts.
• Uncover the secrets of the past, ignite a passion for science, and create your own thrilling Jurassic adventure with the "T-Rex Giant Skull" dig kit.

age: 7+

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