FAV Must-Haves & Gear from Baby #1

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Diaper Bag: Freshly Picked Diaper Bag - WORTH THE HYPE. I have purchased half a dozen 200+ diaper bags and only kept this one and the Fawn. The Fawn I do not like for the needy years aka 0-2yrs old because of the zipper and how it sits on the floor. Friends that now have baby #2 and decided to take my advice say WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME and well I DID. 

MITTS: Goumi Mitts - I will get into apparel in another blog but these mitts are the bees knees. SO soft, and they STAY on. We had a summer baby so lots of outfits and not just sleepers that had the attached mitts. Not overly expensive and we thought were totally adorable "paddles" as we called them.


STAIN STICK - I had under estimated how many blowouts would happen but this thing is the holy grail and we always have stocked in the shop! $5 no big deal and lasts forever! 


Snotty Nose Solution: Fridababy Snotsucker it's as gross as it sounds but does have a filter so not to worry. We have used it on our very sick toddler even and I tried half a dozen of these before we started stocking them in the store!


In addition this came out later than when we needed it but Fridababy 3-in1 for the wax chunks in ears or ones in the nose that are gross and block breathing - this would've been so helpful!


SO LUXURY Coco Cream - I had the worst eczema of my life when I was pregnant. I would scratch all night and make my sheets disgusting so laundry everyday. Literally ONE bath and I slept the night and haven't looked back. I showed my midwife after she suggested Aveeno but it was more money and made my bath super gross to clean after every use. I naturally like trying everything but this product I'm a lifer with and that doesn't happen often. It goes without saying that this is also a must-have for my son as well!


BATHTIME: Other than So Luxury we were gifted baby baths and we never used a single one. That was my time with baby and I bathed with him and loved every minute of it. If I were to purchase one it would be the Angelcare or the Thermobaby but not necessary for us. FRIDABABY Derma Frida is a must have to keep that cradle cap away, and my son loved it so much on his scalp, I mean who doesn't love a scalp massage. 



Toothbrush: Personal fav and our Dentist has said the same is the Fridababy Grow with me Set. Nothing overly exciting about this one but not expensive and a great variety pack.


HAAKA: I'll start by saying we bought the fanciest Medela pump and after using it twice I realized my patience and ADHD will not let that thing ever turn on again let alone all the cleaning and learning curve. That sound is haunting. I did however have oversupply and insane letdown always so my freezer was filled with this thing on the other side. Game changer for me personally. I'll do a blog on the course I took for breast feeding. It was online and my Husband and I watched it twice and I think it was a HUGE factor on that successful 17 months of exclusively bf'ing. 


Dockatot (or in other words Snuggleme Organic) - We took absolutely everywhere with us in the travel bag. 

FAV WIPES: HONEST by a landslide or Waterwipes. Didn't rip easy and just all around better no questions asked. Also dry wipes from nest designs are what we used the first few months IYKYK, highly recommend. My son had one rash his whole life and it was a week of teething time.

 HONEST Wipes for refilling Oxo Tot case (my personal fav) https://amzn.to/3r6kR7e

HONEST WIPES in individual packs https://amzn.to/3fknDk6

WATERWIPES https://amzn.to/3GmETkh

FAV SUNSCREEN/BUGSPRAY: THINKBABY and we always have it stocked in the shop and Careplus (always stocked as well!). I have researched and tried more than I'd like to admit and things like the "summer spray" were quite the marketing sham (me and 100+ customers all have said the same). Having a cabin up North the test with bugs on the golf course is like the hunger games! 



Diapers: Parasol although I don't think they are sold in Canada anymore. We just could not use the "economy" Pampers or Huggies b/c of eczema so we did swaddlers and snugglers or Hello Bello or Honest. Literally one wear and he would have a belt of a rash even as he got older we would try again and no dice.



Diaper Pail - Lots say unnecessary but IMO must-have. We had the Ubbi and it worked great, looks cute and isn't wasteful like the Genie, you can use your own bags. We have not tried the Dekor but the foot pedal is intriguing and I'll probably buy that out of curiosity and if it doesn't work nothing wrong with the Ubbi. 


Humidifiers/FANS - Let me start off with saying I have purchased over half a dozen for the sake of research for the store. I have kept Babymoov & Fridababy (if my budget allowed I would've got a Dyson). These ones don't leak and aren't super loud and are easy to maintain. PS lots of studies have proven fans decrease SIDS dramatically so put one in babies room. 




Monitors - I have Motorola, we didn't use a monitor must. I have a bungalow and my son slept pretty much anywhere I was so our lifestyle wasn't in high need other than when I was at the cabin and it was too hot for him or something we used it. If I was a super anxious Mom or had a preemie I would probably opt for the Owlet. 


Infant Carseat: Nuna Pipa (Clek Ling was not out when my son was born) - I have only one complaint of the Nuna Pipa and the release buttons for on strollers drives me crazy with a heavy baby. We did sell ours right after he outgrew it because I had a gut feeling we could have issues with #2 (apparently I can see my future *sigh). On that note please don't buy used carseat unless you know the former owner so you can know the real history and check those expiry dates! 

Compact Stroller: Babyzen Yoyo - we got this when my son was 6 months old for our trip to Cuba. GAME CHANGER I no longer carried the bucket seat and the driving is impressive. The price is surprising but after us trying every single compact stroller this was our clear winner. HACK: buy the bag attachment and use the hooks for your diaper bag.


THULE SPORT 2: We did purchase the Thule Lite for our boy when he was 6 months old. I loved it for the super cold air in the winter b/c of the rain cover closure and disliked it in the summer for the days with no wind (I can count on one hand how many days we get like that XD) because air circulation isn't the best. For baby #2 I ordered a Thule Sport 2 and it's still in the box as we have had a few miscarriages but it has all the bells and whistles (side panels that zip off, and anyone with a marketing degree will know the middle version should have this option) insane price point but will be well used I think especially if we have a winter baby or an opportunity to have kids closer together in the future as my son is now 3.5 years old and has no interest in sitting in anything. Resale is UNREAL with Thule/Chariot (Thule purchased Chariot) so I'm never really concerned about having one in a box, they don't change often and last forever.

BUGABOO DONKEY - I SWEAR not a stroller out there even a jogging one pushes like this one (and we even have a THULE). It is pinky certified. It is the only Bugaboo you can add a second seat to although we never needed the feature except when we had my nephew. We did keep it until he was 2 but sold at that point because he became a perma walker *sigh. I would repurchase if we had a summer baby because for us BASSINET mode was a game changer at the cabin and how it navigates any terrain. Bassinet allowed him to nap everywhere, could change anywhere and created a great habit that also let us be anywhere we wanted to. Accessories Bugaboo sells are second to none. One that we will always have is the phone holder, I use it on my bike and the Thule! The Breezy canopy for a summer baby was unreal and had everyone asking everywhere we went where it was from. I'll warn it's not cheap but resale is unreal and they last forever IYKYK.

BUGABOO DONKEY https://amzn.to/33t9Kgw

BUGABOO PHONE HOLDER https://amzn.to/3nn27PX

If I have a winter baby next I might just babywear, Babyzen Yoyo and use the Thule. Undecided at this point but not opposed to Bugaboo Fox or Uppababy Vista V2 as well.


Activity Mat/Gym - Not a necessary purchase if on a tight budget however we had a Skip Hop one and it was cute but we did sell it and I will do Lovevery next time. I don't love subscriptions but after a lot of research I know I will appreciate it for next time. 

Bouncer: Babybjorn Bouncer - Every baby I have watched I pull this one out for and it's win. At the beginning it was quick to put my boy to sleep and over time it was the "giggle machine". BONUS it folds flat under my couch and lasts way longer than other bouncers on the market! TIP: get the mesh one so they don't overheat and it doesn't pill. 


If you're on a tight budget the Fisher Price, Bright Starts and Ingenuity ones are similar. 

SWINGS: We did love the Nuna leaf and kept until he lost interest around 12 months even though it can hold a high weight capacity. My ADHD could not handle the sound from the Mamaroo so we sold it after a week, most people don't mind but it drove me crazy as a first time Mom with a silent house. My son wasn't picky for anything, I was just picky. If I had to budget between swing or bouncer scientifically bouncers are more loved and I would agree we kept the bouncer for a reason. Fisher Price is a winner for lots, it is super huge so I didn't entertain it but it is well loved and I didn't mind it at friends houses.

We did keep and purchase a Babocush that we ordered from Europe (they sold later on in Canada in big stores until mid-way pandemic I can only find them direct) and loved for putting on swings and bouncers. Great for tummy time and babies with reflux. Not necessary but we enjoyed it.

Centres/Jumpers: Ultra Jolly Jumper was a no brainer and total entertainment. We also kept the Skip Hop Activity Centre b/c it turns into a table. (We also have the Skip Hop Jumpscape but I prefer the Activity Centre).

JOLLY JUMPER https://amzn.to/3qjlnji

SKIP HOP https://amzn.to/3fnGSJe

SLEEP SITUATION: We did not have a crib b/c we moved when I was due. We had a mini crib and I found it to be a waste of $$ b/c short lifespan for it. We did use playards and they sold quickly (Nuna Sena & 4Moms Breeze) when we grew out of them. We will get the Bugaboo Stardust for next babe and one of my dream cribs (if you're on a budget the Ikea Crib is $99). 


I didn't have a bassinet purchased b/c our stroller had a bassinet and we had the playards and such but with an emergency Csection I wish we would've got the Halo Premiere. That's another story for another day but that recovery and process was the biggest surprise ever and I still resent society for not talking about all of that. Mom's to this day DM me asking if I experienced YXZ and the answer is almost always YES.

Pacifier: No such thing as the best one each babe is different (I purchased a dozen of them pregnant, don't judge). He preferred MAM most of the time and I loved Wubbanub when travelling because when he would spit it out it wouldn't fly and he would just latch back on whenever he needed. 

Highchairs, Bibs, Sippycubs, Tableware: Will need separate blog for this one, so many different lifestyle factors and we have a handful XD.

Convertible Carseat: Will do another blog on, too many factors go into this one.

FAV TOYS: Another blog will be written for each age stage, I kept to basics.

Didn't have a change table/dresser and no regrets. Did have Skip Hop silicone changer w/ mobile and Keekaroo Peanut. Both are easy to clean but didn't suit our lifestyle we just changed anywhere we were in the house - doesn't mean you won't love them. I think I like the Keekaroo Peanut more but there isn't much of a difference.

Chair: We did buy a Canadian made glider that was $$$ for my b'day gift with the mistake of not checking if it reclines (TIP: don't buy these online, you must sit and see if you like that style). Recline is my best advice and try in person! But a must have for us especially after the type of birth we had.

BABYWEARING: Best thing ever, see Babywearing Blog I just published!


*Obviously lots of the gear is top of the line and that might not be for your lifestyle or budget. We didn't splurge on the nursery because we just moved and I knew it would not be used very much. Where we live we are active and always on different terrains, more off-roading than smooth concrete actually and we knew we would be very active (10k a day typically). However one of the perks of these products if you can afford them is they keep their value very well OR put those notifications on marketplace or kijiji to scoop them up. The only things I have never seen on our buy and sell from my list was the Babyzen Yoyo and a Bugaboo Stardust (and please educate yourself on carseat safety, it's so important!).

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